No man can resist the temptation of car racing. Nothing can exceed the thrills, excitement, concentration, and rapid changes, the roar of the engine, the passion for chasing and conquering the speed bring a bloody and boiling sensation of racing.

NTPT carbon fiber material, with flyback chronograph function, crown and chronograph handlebar steering wheel and throttle design, Richard Mille RM011-FM's remarkable car racing style has attracted many watch enthusiasts. AET REMOULD's newly launched sapphire watch A11 uses sapphire material to reinterpret RM011-FM, which will surely become a challenge in the watch industry and full of strange adventures and extraordinary sense of accomplishment.Limited to 5 pieces.

Sapphire is composed of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) crystals. The pure molecular structure gives it a visually transparent texture and a beauty that surpasses other materials. The racing style design is wild and unruly, while the crystal sapphire is noble and elegant. Can these two be merged?

This is a wonderful and bold idea. The styles are different but inexplicably harmonious. The meticulously complex machinery meets the pure beauty of sapphire, collides with an extraordinary visual experience, and realizes this creative A11. Of precious art timepieces.

Collection : Sapphire crystal

Model : RM011-FM

Movement Type: Automatic

Movement Diameter: 30.30X32.75 mm

Movement Thickness: 9.00mm

Bezel : Sapphire crystal 

Watchband: fluororubber

Number of Jewels: 62

Power Reserve: 50 hours

  • A11
  • Challenge of the watch industry
  • Merge of different styles
  • A bold and wonderful idea
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