One of the most discussed watches is the Daytona series. AET REMOULD uses ceram to integrate classic art works into this series. Using trendy fashion to improve the artistic appreciation of watches, let the wearer enjoy the pleasure of classics and art by feeling the flowing of time and the innovation of emerging technologies.

No extra decoration, just the watch itself. High requirements on the design and texture of the material has been raised. Solid color like black and white is particularly fashionable, smooth and flawless case surface is made of high-tech ceramics, and the natural luster provides comfortable visual enjoyment.

Interpreted by new ideas, this Daytona modification collection has undergone revolutionary changes in the use of ceramic materials and color design, which is more fashionable and dazzling. The cases made of high-tech fine ceramics collide with the diversified colors of straps, and every change in the watch has shown the unique style of AET REMOULD.

This collection has a variety of the straps as well, from full-ceramic to rubber straps.

Rubber straps, has an excellent wear resistance and waterproof performance, and its flexibility can perfectly fit the case. It is light and easy to wear, and is often used in sports watches which goes well with the sports style of Daytona.

Collection : Ceramic

Model : Daytona

Movement : Cal.4130

Bezel : Ceramic

Watch diameter : 40 x 47.50 mm

Watchband: Fluororubber

Limited to 18 pieces.

Warranty date: 3 years

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