Imagination is one of the greatest ideological forces of mankind. Working with a various kinds of artists, combining the wild artistic imagination with classic Daytona, AET REMOULD has made a collision between trendy and traditional. We name this imaginative work the "Rodin Collection", which will be the most creative existence in AET REMOULD ceramic Daytona.

Skeletons represent death, and flowers represent hope, which blooms before it dies. When the artist creates this work, what the artist thinks about is to take each painting as seriously as his last piece and drain all his art cells. This creative spirit coincides with AET and is integrated this into Daytona. We name it the Last Chance(Black).Limited to 10 pcs worldwide.

Ceramics have become one of the most common materials for watches because of its excellent wear resistance. However, the final texture, beauty and touch of ceramics largely depend on the processing technology of the brand. Watch-making is an art that is accurate to millimeters which can only be perfect by precise design and refined polishing. AET REMOULD masters the most advanced ceramic processing technology.

This collection has a variety of the straps as well, from full-ceramic to rubber straps.Rubber straps, has an excellent wear resistance and waterproof performance, and its flexibility can perfectly fit the case. It is light and easy to wear, and is often used in sports watches which goes well with the sports style of Daytona.

Collection : Ceramic

Model : Daytona

Movement : Cal.4130

Bezel : Ceramic

Watch diameter : 40 x 47.50 mm

Watchband: Fluororubber

Warranty date: 3 years

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