After more than a year of development, the German watch modification brand AET REMOULD has launched a brand new product-A07, which is full of dreams. It is adapted from RM 07-01. As the first lady's watch modified by AET, A07 has extraordinary significance. It not only tests the ability of AET to modify, interprets the charm of women, but also represents AET's respect and care for women.

The barrel-shaped case, which is clearly distinguished from other watches, has a stylish and unique design that provides people a unique visual enjoyment at first glance. Small-sized watches are prone to lose its presence; large-sized watches can undermine women's elegant charm. The watch with size of 46.50 × 32.00 × 14.90 mm is just perfect, which just set off the lady ’s slim jade wrist.

The neatly arranged diamonds in the center of the dial are used as embellishments, and the hour markers and hands are covered with a luminous coating, which blooms quietly at night, which is suitable for expressing female romantic feelings. The transparent case made of sapphire material not only greatly improves the recognition of the watch, but also makes it glorious in many ladies' watches.

Every AET modified watch is carefully selected. It should be unique and outstanding enough to show the user's style and taste. The modified A07 incorporates many elements that ladies love, so it is dreamy, beautiful, and precious.

Collection : Sapphire crystal

Model : RM 07

Movement : Automatic

Bezel : Sapphire crystal

Watch diameter : 46.50×32.00×14.90 mm

Watchband: fluororubber

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  • Dreamy, beautiful, and precious
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