Information on AET REMOULD

Information on AET REMOULD

AET REMOULD, originated in Germany, breaks through the routine with its wonderful artistic refitting creativity. It uses crystal cutting technology and production skills, as well as other new materials, to refit high-end luxury wristwatches and enjoy the refitting charm brought by each unique masterpiece after transformation.

A real artist always takes the risk of overthrowing all existing prejudices, and to express what he thinks.The artistic expression that Rodin upholds has become the design concept of AET REMOULD (Artistic expression thought), which is named by it.


The use of crystals to transform high-end watches is AET REMOULD's unique modification pursuit. With a selection of clear, translucent, constant-color sapphire crystals, use unique cutting technology to make it into a watch body. The perfect combination of crystals and outstanding watchmaking skills make each watch as precious as an artwork.

AET REMOULD creates privately-made custom watches for the top people. With high standards of jewellery luxury taste and craftsmanship, after artist-style design, it uses rare materials and new materials such as gems and carbon fiber to create private artworks.

AET REMOULD wins the trust and love of high-end modification lovers with bold creativity and unique expression power, so that the modification art can bring more distinctive beauty enjoyment.