Its brightness dazzles the eyes

Its brightness dazzles the eyes

After a long silence in the dark, and finally shine


Adopting hydrothermal crystallization method, and "imitating the growth process of natural crystal", it is cultivated in strict accordance with the growth environment of natural crystal and the required temperature, pressure, etc. the synthetic sapphire crystal is especially pure and has better color. Its Mohs hardness is slightly lower than that of diamond, and wear resistance is not easy to scratch.


Because of its excellent hardness, sapphire crystal is often difficult to cut, polish, mold and with other problems in the production process; and the molecular structure is unstable in the crystallization process, so the crystal melting is a complex and unpredictable process, which is prone to bubbles or cracks in the production process.


As a result, sapphire crystal is often only used for making wristwatch mirrors.



Break with convention

Make it possible


In the century of rapid development of science and technology, sapphire crystal creates a miracle of science, technology and art under the skillful hand of master craftsman. The exquisite sapphire crystal is no longer only used as the mirror surface of the watch, but presents the artistic sense of the watch with a more beautiful gesture.


AET REMOULD selects clear and transparent sapphire crystal with constant color and pure texture. It uses unique cutting technology to make it into a watch case, which is crystal clear and bright.


The cutting of each crystal is crisp and neat. The new advanced cutting method makes the refraction of crystal bright and dazzling. It combines perfectly with the excellent wristwatch making skills, and endows the cutting-edge design concept of the super era, making each wristwatch as precious as a work of art.



Exercise its inventive mind

Radiate artistic beauty


The all transparent sapphire watch case package represents the outstanding, meticulous and orderly mechanical movement, which not only presents the quality sense of visual transparency, but also properly reveals the charm of crystal, and maintains the artistic beauty of wristwatch.


Refitting is not only the love of the minority, but also an exquisite art. The refitting of AET REMOULD has always taken the courage of breaking the rules and setting up a new one, and the care of pursuing the beauty of art.


With the heart and soul of the art, AET REMOULD enriches the aesthetic connotation of the refitted wristwatch by using the purity and beauty of crystal.


Always be loyal to the art, dare to break through the shackles, take their own way, is the concept of every artist, but also AET REMOULD forever unchanged brand core spirit.