Macau Flagship Store

AET REMOULD's flagship store, located in the Morpheus Boutique at the heart of City of Dreams Macau, stands as a significant milestone for the brand in the Asia-Pacific region. Renowned for its futuristic architectural aesthetics and world-class shopping experience, the Morpheus Boutique is celebrated. AET REMOULD's decision to open its flagship store here is driven by the shared commitment to excellence and innovation between the two entities.

Our flagship store is designed with a combination of vintage and luxury elements, with each display cabinet meticulously curated to showcase AET REMOULD's exquisite timepieces and jewelry. Additionally, the store hosts periodic art exhibitions and appreciation events, aiming to provide customers with a deeper understanding of AET REMOULD's brand spirit and manufacturing craftsmanship.

Welcome to the AET REMOULD flagship store in Macau! Each visit promises to be a memorable journey, as you immerse yourself in a unique space that embodies luxury, innovation, and artistic expression.

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+853 2821 0686


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